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Joli Med Spa provides quality aesthetic treatments for women and men, designed for every budget.

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"We all want to look and feel our best. Achieving that doesn’t have to cost a fortune."
-Kristen MacNeil, RN

Located in picturesque Marshfield, Massachusetts, and Marblehead, Massachusetts, Joli Medical Spa | Le Joli Visage specializes in professional, aesthetic skincare services, anti-aging and health & beauty products and solutions, medical weight loss systems, and more.

While we all want to look and feel our best, achieving that shouldn’t have to cost a fortune.

Perhaps you want to relax those fine lines with Botox, soften the signs of aging with dermal fillers and injectables, slim down with zero-downtime SculpSure, or rejuvenate your skin with PRP. Above all, we believe that enjoying the benefits of these treatments should not be limited to the select few.

Because at Joli Med Spa, our mission is to assist you in achieving your desired results by providing personal, professional, and affordable health, beauty, and aesthetic products and services for everyone.

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The Team at Joli Med Spa

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Joli Medical Spa provides professional anti-aging, weight loss, and health and beauty solutions.

Let us create your ideal program to address your specific skincare, health, beauty, and weightloss needs.

Customer Reviews

What Clients Say

Feel More Energetic

I started receiving B12 Lipotropic Injections from Kristen about 6 months ago. Since then I have felt more energetic, have been able to focus better at work and my weight training has increased substantially.

B12-Lipotropic Injection Patient

Really Knows Her Stuff

I love my appointments with Kristen. She is super personable, she knows her stuff and is on the up and up on the latest and greatest in her field of beauty. I highly recommend you meet Kristen before you consider going anywhere else. You will be happy you met her.


Wow, She Did An Amazing Job!

Was amazed at how professional and knowledgable everyone is here. My eyebrows were microbladed by the beautiful Amanda and I must say, wow, she did an amazing job! Kristen, the owner, is not only drop dead gorgeous, but incredibly down to earth. Both women were so sweet and I can’t wait to come back for… Read more “Wow, She Did An Amazing Job!”


Enjoying My Freedom From the Eyebrow Pencil!

Amanda was absolutely wonderful to work with for microblading. She was so nice and made me feel very at ease. She constantly made sure I was comfortable. Her work is amazing! She took the extra time to make sure that my eye brows were perfect. They look so natural and she shaped them specifically to… Read more “Enjoying My Freedom From the Eyebrow Pencil!”

Can Finally Wear Sleeveless Clothing!

I am 51 years old.  I was on the HCG diet for approximately 4 months.  I lost 54 pounds in total and my fat mass went from 74.6 to 38.4%. (loss of 36.2 in fat loss alone- this number may be higher now because I continued to lose weight without having my fat analysis done again)  What I am… Read more “Can Finally Wear Sleeveless Clothing!”

HCG Success Story

HCG Is Great!

Once I hit 50 yrs old, it seemed no diet worked anymore..even low calorie and exercise… until HCG. I took HCG in June 2016 for 2 months, lost 20 lbs and kept it off without any work, or problem…until of course, I went on a complete eating binge this winter when I had a live-in… Read more “HCG Is Great!”

HCG Success Story

No Longer Have That ‘Dip’ In My Day

I’m a runner and cross-fitter, and I had my first B12-Lipotropic shot about six months ago. I felt immediate results in my energy level. Normally, I would be so exhausted mid-afternoon, but now I don’t have that dip in my day. I try to get one every couple weeks. Highly recommended!

B12-Lipotropic Injection Patient

Feel Beautiful From the Inside Out

Kristen brings an energy to her clients that make you feel beautiful from the inside out. Her and Rachael are a great team.

More Energy, Better Focus, Restful Sleep

I get a B12-Lipotropic shot every few weeks (sometimes weekly if time allows), and I always find that my energy and focus is greatly enhanced, and my sleep pattern is improved immensely.

B12-Lipotropic Injection Patient

So Happy With My Eyelash Lift and Tint

I am so happy with my eyelash lift and tint what a huge difference, it has made me feel so pretty. I look alive and refreshed as soon as I wake up! Thank you!!!


Endurance for My Workouts Increased Immensely

I honestly can’t say enough positive things about the B12 [Lipotropic] injections. Kristen had recommended I try it, as she knew I was going through a rigorous workout/diet program. I was a little skeptical, yet Kristen has never steered me wrong so I decided to try it. I could feel a major difference by that… Read more “Endurance for My Workouts Increased Immensely”

B12-Lipotropic Injection Patient

Kind, Loving, Caring

I would encourage everyone to call to just inquire if your interested. One conversation with her and you will be confident that she is your girl!! If I had to say one more thing…they do not make people like Kristen MacNeil anymore!! She is an overall kind, loving, caring, REAL person who will help you… Read more “Kind, Loving, Caring”


Makes You Feel At Ease

Kristen is Excellent! Very knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease while making you beautiful!


Joli Medical Spa Is Amazing!

Kristen is very conscientious and great at what she does! The spa is amazing! They provide many great services with warm and welcoming service!

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